Category: Residential

  • Knolls Neighborhood Project

    Knolls Neighborhood Project

    Welcome to the Knolls Neighborhood Project, an exquisite showcase of LK Design’s expertise in marrying traditional elegance with modern sensibilities in one of Omaha’s most desirable locales. This project exemplifies our commitment to creating spaces that are both luxuriously modern and warmly inviting.

  • Oak Street Project

    Oak Street Project

    Step into the Oak Street Project, a hallmark of contemporary design blended with classic touches, located in the vibrant Oak Street neighborhood of Omaha. This project demonstrates our expertise in creating spaces that are not only visually appealing but also deeply harmonious with the architectural heritage of the area.

  • Midtown Omaha Neighborhood

    Midtown Omaha Neighborhood

    Discover the Midtown Omaha Neighborhood Project, an innovative design showcase by LK Design that captures the spirit and energy of one of Omaha’s most dynamic districts. This project illustrates our expertise in integrating contemporary design with community vibes to create spaces that are both stylish and functional.

  • Harney Street Project

    Harney Street Project

    Experience the Harney Street Project, where LK Design blends classic design elements with modern flair in Omaha’s bustling Harney Street area. This project is a testament to our commitment to creating uniquely appealing and functional living spaces.

  • Midtown Condo Project

    Midtown Condo Project

    Embark on a tour of the Midtown Condo Project, an epitome of urban chic and sophistication in Omaha’s vibrant Midtown district. This LK Design project blends contemporary design elements with functional luxury, tailored to the cosmopolitan lifestyle.

  • Pine Plaza Project

    Pine Plaza Project

    Enter the Pine Plaza Project, a reflection of LK Design’s innovative approach to residential interiors in Omaha’s scenic Pine Plaza area. This project showcases our adeptness in blending contemporary design elements with the practical needs of modern living.

  • South 96th Street Project

    South 96th Street Project

    Immerse yourself in the South 96th Street Project, an embodiment of LK Design’s vision for sophisticated residential living in Omaha. This project demonstrates a perfect balance of modern design principles and functional elegance, tailored to enhance the homeowner’s lifestyle.

  • Kent Street Project

    Kent Street Project

    Explore the Kent Street Project, a striking exemplar of LK Design’s commitment to merging classic design principles with modern functionality, located in the prestigious Kent Street area of Omaha. This project is a showcase of how thoughtful design can transform everyday living.

  • South 99th Avenue Project

    South 99th Avenue Project

    Venture into the South 99th Avenue Project, a prime example of LK Design’s expertise in crafting spaces that embody both luxury and comfort in Omaha’s vibrant residential settings. This project showcases innovative design tailored to enhance the quality of life for its inhabitants.

  • 96th Street Kitchen Remodel Project

    96th Street Kitchen Remodel Project

    Step into the 96th St. Kitchen Project, where LK Design has redefined culinary space with a blend of functionality and contemporary aesthetics in Omaha. This kitchen remodel showcases our ability to transform everyday cooking areas into remarkable spaces for both cooking and socializing.